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End of Time Survival is dedicated to providing survival tips and recommendations for dependable gear you will need for the zombie apocalypse.  Contributing writers: Wes Remington and Johnny Maverick.

Survival Scenarios: Situations that require tactics and strategies to survive doomsday. We address zombie takeovers as well as killer viruses and nuclear war. These scenarios are purely “what if” and they could have many outcomes.  We provide only one strategy or tactic.  There are countless others and if you can think of a better approach then you are already ahead of the game.

Gear Reviews:  We provide reviews on weapons as well as tactical, camping, hiking, climbing, and various other types of gear.  Preparing for society after a catastrophic disaster is crucial but not all of us have $500K to spend on a bunker in the mountains.  A bunker is only practical for a future “what if” scenario. You need quality,reliable, and practical gear you can use today and will serve you well in the apocalypse tomorrow.

We do not receive free gear to entice us into writing reviews nor do we receive any compensation for gear that we feature on this site.  We do not make any affiliate income if you make a purchase from a link we provide.  Our recommendations for must have gear or stuff to stay away from are based on our experience.

Movie/TV Scenarios:  There are times when you are watching a zombie or doomsday movie or TV show and you notice that one of the characters is making numerous stupid decisions that lead to their well deserved death at the hands of a zombie or some type of villain.  This survival idiocy is laughable and frustrating.   In other cases, the character may choose a survival strategy that is alright, but we see a better way to survive.  In our Movie/TV Scenarios, we offer better strategies for survival and point out examples of poor survival common sense.


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We don’t post the author of each article (unless it’s a guest post) because like any smart zombie survivalists, End of Time Survival works as a team.  In case you were curious, here is a little info about us:

Wes Remington:

Wes Remington is a former United States Special Operations Commando with advanced training in firearms, demolitions, diving, parachuting, and wilderness survival.  He has survived in cold, mountainous, jungle, and desert environments.  In the Spec Ops community, he was a sniper by trade and is well versed in close quarters combat.  The U.S. government has spent millions of dollars training him to be a nightmare for terrorists.  He figured that his skills would be quite useful when fighting the zombie hordes, so he decided to share his knowledge and experiences with fellow zombie survivalists on End of Time Survival and in his book Zombie Apocalypse: Combat and Survival.

Johnny Maverick:

Johnny Maverick is a U.S. Military veteran with experience in firearms, diving, and survival.  Where as Wes is the tactical expert, Johnny is the zombie expert.  Zombies are a unique enemy that require certain survival strategies.  The only way to generate these strategies is to study zombie behavior.  Since the zombie plague has not yet begun, it’s kind of hard to study actual zombies.  That being the case, Johnny Maverick has studied zombie movies, television shows, and literature.  These sources are all fiction, but by thinking through the fiction logically, Johnny can game plan and devise survival strategies for different zombie scenarios.